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Love Letter Generator

Ever been in love with someone and wanted to write them a letter about your sweet, gushy feelings, but just couldn't? Well, now you can with the Love Letter Generator!

Dear Love,

Since we met, I think of nothing but the way you make me feel. You are so very first-rate. You are a special person. That time we spent getting absolutely crazy, starting the week in Corpus Christi and then winding up in was so special to me. It showed me how lucky I am to know you. I am enraptured. Yes, I know you laugh at how I used to think I loved your grandmother, but I didn't know what love was until I met you.

Dream of me, my love,
You Know Who

PS: Where is your favorite place we've made love? Maybe on the deck of that yacht during a full moon? For me, it's in the weight room at your gym.

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